My health is not doing very great, to improve I’m comparing pull-up bars. Because I hate gyms I want to start in my own home where I have only one spot with enough space and that is in a doorway. There are many bars available that can be mounted in a door trim, but most of them are just not strong enough. With selecting the right bar I had to take into account the min/max length of the bar, its own weight and material and of course its maximum carrying weight.

Pull-up bars comparison

  Schildkröt Fit at Home Rucanor Gymstick Deluxe
Min length mm 63 63 75 66
Max length mm 96 94 120 89
Min diameter mm 25      
Max diameter mm 30 30    
Handles   yes yes yes yes
Max weight kg 120 100 110 100
Bar weight gr 1519 1275 1871 782
Material   steel steel steel steel
Mounting   One-screw pegs One-screw pegs Metal rings Metal U-shape with 5 screws
Price 22.49 17.99 29.99 24.90

Bar strength

The min/max bar length is important for the strength and wear of the bar. My door trim is 80 cm, so I prefer a minimal length just below that. The shorter the base of the bar, the more it needs to extend using the much thinner extension tubes. The maximum length must naturally cover the door trim width. In the comparison table you can see the Rucanor best fits this min/max length. On each side it would only have to extend to 2.5 cm, leaving 20 cm of inner tube inside the bar for added strenght. This should prevent the bar from bending too low. When that happens it could be released from its wall mounts and you’ll fall.

To add to the safety I must also look at the bar’s own weight. For example, the Gymstick is way too light for strong steel at 782 grams. On the other hand it does come with U-shaped wall mounts with a lot screws. So it most likely won’t detach from the wall, but probably bend very low. I wonder if it really is steel or rather aluminum.


Sure you could just extend the bar tightly in your doortrim but I’m afraid that won’t hold very long. What if it slips, you could seriously hurt yourself pretty bad. Most of these bars have only a small peg on either side which is mounted to the frame or wall with only one screw. Should the extension tubes retract somehow when you rotate them during your workout or the full length bends too low, the bar could be released from the mounting. There the Gymstick features the best solution with its U-shaped mounting plates. You just hang the bar in those U-profiles and it’d be really strong. Too bad its specs are so low. However, the Rucanor has a solution just as good with metal O-shaped mounts. Another way is to build your own mounting construction, like the video in this review.


I went for the Rucanor, that one looks really strong. Check this video. (Dutch)

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