Blocking vs non-blocking timers in Arduino and Particle

When coding for Arduino you may wish to run certain code once every N milliseconds. For a very simple program like blinking a LED with a 2 seconds interval using the delay() function will be sufficient. But what about multiple bits of code where each require a different interval? Using delay() they will slow each other down, significantly disrupting your program. The solution is the meassure the last time the code parts were executed.

Follow file changes with colors

A simple script to follow-tail a file’s changes with ansi color styling.

Note: Spark Core flashing green

(Note to self) Flashing green = no wifi connection

Restore Time Machine backup from Terminal

Sometimes you need to quickly restore a file from your macOS Time Machine backups without using the pretty graphical interface.

Fix Boot Camp error with VMware Fusion on macOS High Sierra

With macOS High Sierra Apple introduced the APFS filesystem with improved integrity protection. You can boot into Windows just fine, but when you wish to load a Boot Camp OS within a Fusion virtual machine the loader complains about a missing disk or some missing EFI elements. Eventually you get a blue screen Boot Manager screen with a bunch of options/ According to VMware is UEFI missing an APFS driver.

Bookmark: sketching

Apart from the Capitalize Every Word In Every Title annoyance this article is a nice short reminder why sketching is good for everyone.

Neat little trick to fix annoying MySQL error

One small and easy command to fix InnoDB ‘column last_update in table “mysql”.”innodb_table_stats”‘ type mismatch error.


I just accidentally ran into this awesome drawing of my hero Dagobert Duck on Tumblr. Haven’t visited that site in ages and the first time since forever this image appeared on the background…

Hacking the Avanca

First steps into getting to know the insides of the Avanca AVDS-03 portable bluetooth speaker.

You want to bring people together, you send them through hell.

You want to split them apart, you give them a secret.

— 12 Monkeys S03E07

When you plot revenge always dig two graves.

— The Unit S04E08

Setup local DNS resolver on macOS Sierra

Simple instructions on how to install a local PowerDNS Recursor on macOS 10.12 Sierra to avoid using the DNS servers provided in your network or by your internet provider.