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Search in KvK Handelsregister (NL) using the free OpenKvK webservice.

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  3. Usage example
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Platform: node.js
Language: javascript
Package: openkvk on npm
Source code: Github
Bugs & feedback: Issue tracker
License: Unlicense / Public Domain


You can install or update this module with npm:

npm install openkvk

Usage example

var require('openkvk')

openkvk( 'ahold', function( err, data ) {
  if( err ) { return console.log( err )}
  data.forEach( function( rec ) {
    console.log( '%s (%s)', rec.rechtspersoon, rec.woonplaats )

// Koninklijke Ahold N.V. (Zaandam)
// Ahold Group Support B.V. (Zaandam)
// ...

Release notes

v2.0.0 – 2014-01-08changelog

  • API does not support SQL queries anymore
  • Rewrite code to reflect API changes
  • Rewrite test script
  • Added Travis CI config
  • Fixed minors and clean up

v1.0.0 – 2013-10-10changelog

  • First release
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