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1 pixel transparent PNG

Download 1 pixel transparent PNG image (1x1px, 68 bytes)

JSON CLI parser with syntax coloring

Node.js script to beautify JSON data on the command-line

Before exit scripts in Node.js

Run script before Node.js process exits normally or from an error

vnStat data traffic on Ubuntu login

Add data traffic statistics and estimates to your Ubuntu Server login message

Looping busy indicator

Javascript code snippet for node.js to display a looping busy indicator on the console output

Set language AC Brotherhood on Mac OSX

Change the language setting for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood menu and text on Mac OSX

Update script for Homebrew

Simple interactive command for Homebrew (Mac OSX) to check for updates, list outdated packages, upgrade them and clean up after. module for node.js

Access the API with the open source module ‘bolcom’ for node.js to access and search their products database.

Tweak Fritz!Box for AirPlay across ethernet and wifi

Tweak the Fritz!Box to enable multicast forwarding between wired ethernet and wifi for services like Apple AirPlay, AirPrint, Bonjour, etc.

GeoIP2 module for node.js

Lookup the location and other information about IP addresses from your node.js app using the MaxMind GeoIP2 web service.

Force file download with nginx

Configuration to force file download with nginx when a certain GET parameter is set, unless the file should be hidden.

Recursively clean up local git repositories

A CLI command to recursively garbage collect many local git repositories at once.

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