Plesk: System/cron mails are not DKIM signed

Plesk: Add webmaster addresses to all domains

Here is a shell script that will iterate through all your Plesk domains to quickly add email addresses in bulk without going through each domain’s settings yourself. IntroSolutionScriptAutomation with events Intro This specific script adds a webmaster email address with standard aliases like postmaster@ and abuse@, but without an actual Read more…


Note: WhatsApp url scheme

Note to self. Start chat with phone number whatsapp://send?phone=1234 Prefill the text field whatsapp://send?phone=1234&text=Hello%20world These links may not work when the user is using the desktop app. To resolve this WA allows the use of their web proxy, which is basically a bit of javascript doing some checks and then Read more…

Tweaks for Ubuntu memory swap

Cannot allocate memory – Fix for login error

Do you see this message on every login to your Ubuntu system? “Could not load list of meta packages: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory”. The error indicates there was not enough RAM available to complete the task. Here I explain where the message comes from and how to get rid of it.