Pull-up bars

My health is not doing very great, to improve I’m comparing pull-up bars. Because I hate gyms I want to start in my own home where I have only one spot with enough space and that is in a doorway. There are many bars available that can be mounted in a door trim, but most of them are just not strong enough. With selecting the right bar I had to take into account the min/max length of the bar, its own weight and material and of course its maximum carrying weight.

The good life

Spring arrived

Fiber modems tested: Genexis MC901 vs FiberXport

Bandwidth and ping latency test between the PacketFront MC901 and Genexis FiberXport OCG-1012n_V1 optical fiber modems.

iDelete app review

Sometimes I check out iOS app list for new or interesting stuff or apps that are free for a limited time. One of those lists is AppZapp and recently they featured iDelete from…


There are many ways to spend time like work, reading, sports, philosophy, collecting rare stamps, electronics, art. In essence people need to do something to enhance or experience quality of life. Even when…

Meet Shadow

This is Shadow, my personal autism service dog I raise and train. A two years young labrador retriever. He has been living with me since 2011 when he was 10 weeks old and…

New personal website

For many years I kept my personal website simple, just my name and social links. A few years ago I added a full page photo rotator with my most recent photographs from Flickr….

Freeflow TV

Video Syndication bot for parkour, freerun, acrostreet, and other freestyle sports.


Lookup your public hostname and IP-address. Supports both IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack.

Groot maatje

Shadow is nog wel pupachtig maar meer een eigenwijze puber met veel energie en speelsheid. Alles is leuk en moet nodig achterna gerend worden. Je ziet wel al zijn omgang met honden veranderen….

Half jaar oud

¬†En zo is Shadow ineens een half jaar oud. Je ziet hem met de dag groeien, aan alle kanten schuiven poten uit en alles wat hij zo goed heeft geleerd is hij zomaar…

Al bijna 4 maanden

Dit was in juniFilmpje van deze maand Tjonge wat vliegt die tijd. Het ene moment ben je bezig met de eerste belevenissen van een pup en zo is hij al bijna 4 maanden,…

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